Mangan tá na!

According to history, Pampanga (the province where Angeles City is situated) was highly favored by the Spanish conquerors not only due to the abundance of natural resources but also because the natives were amply skilled in cooking. This preference enabled the Kapampangans to be adventurous in their cuisine and experimentation was a norm. Though resources are abundant, a “nothing should go to waste” attitude prevails,  even often-discarded ingredients are made edible and delectable.  Foreign influences brought by trade and colonization merged with the local palate and produced a meticulous blending of western and eastern cuisine.  The ingenious incorporation of indigenous ingredients and skills of Malay, Spanish, Chinese and American elements into the cuisine have made Angeles’ food preparation and culinary arts both exotic and sumptious.

Angeles City wishes to share its culture that revolves on food in building relationships among peoples. Angelenos greet guests, even strangers, “Mangan tana!” (“Let’s eat!”) or “Mengan naka?” (“Have you eaten?”)  at first encounter. The greeting reflects the innate hospitality of the Kapampangan  ( the ethnic group in the province of Pampanga where  Angeles is situated), by inquiring on the well-being of their guests, specifically in relation to food.

Mangan ta na!